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"Like so many of our past participants, I was carrying the weight of my past experiences, disappointments, hurts and losses. The culmination of which made me a short-tempered and emotionally distant - wife, mother, friend and co-worker, always striving for unrealistic expectations hoping to protect myself from the unexpected.

It was an anxious, worried and lonely way to live.

Through a chance interaction, I learned about a program similar to J2W that changed everything! Roadblocks, challenges, misunderstandings and jaded perspective rapidly gave way to relief, clarity, joy and love I didn't know I was capable of, or that was missing in me.

It was LIFE-CHANGING. So I started telling EVERYONE the good news - life can be better! Fast forward 8 years and there's no question that Facilitating J2W is my heart’s passion - walking with others to their healing and wholeness."

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"Most of us believe, at surface level anyway, that we are alright or at least that we can handle it. And so did I. The truth is that from birth until now I became a baggage collector. The load grew heavier, more frustration, anger, fear, resentment, and hurt kept piling on. So, I hurt others by projecting those same feelings on the ones closest to me. For decades I wondered why I thought, felt, and reacted, in the ways that I did. Something wasn't right.

J2W brought to surface the things in me that needed to be surfaced, addressed and healed. The pathway to clarity, healing and wholeness was obvious and possible! I’m still amazed at how God used this process to bring forward the things that held me back for so many years! It's truly a life long journey."

Though we all have different circumstances, situations and stories, one thing is the same - we all need healing, renewed perspective, encouragement and God’s truth to stand on over the course of life.

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“My relationship with God grew deeper after I attended Balanced Heart and Mind five years ago. My identity was tied up with unforgiveness, stress, busyness and control. I kept trying to “fix” my life and was perpetually distracted.

Then I became ill with cancer for the second time in my life. And this time it was serious. I had two choices to make: Either I was going to continue to be defined by unforgiveness, stress, busyness and control or surrender to God and trust that His love was enough to help me to heal. I love helping other women learn how to trust in God’s love in their journeys to wholeness.











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