1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Feeling stuck? 

Continue on your path towards healing and wholeness with a 1-on-1 session. Each session is 50 minutes via ZOOM (in office option also available for local clients) and you will meet with a Pastoral Counselor or an extensively trained Senior Facilitator.  This option is for the individual or couple that would like a customized experience with the opportunity to take a deeper look into their history, narratives, patterns and unresolved traumas acquire a better understanding, clearer perspective and to move beyond past conflicts and barriers to wholeness and healing. 

Schedule a 1-on-1 session with a coach below!

Becky Alcantar

Becky Flores Alcantar is the author and co-founder of Journey to Wholeness and is passionate about mental, emotional and spiritual wellness in the context of God’s word. She is committed to creating spaces where individuals can gain a deeper understanding of how their histories, narratives, patterns and unresolved traumas are driving their behaviors, decisions and relationships today.

Session Services options include: Brain Coaching, Emotional Release, Trauma Narrative Care, Spiritual Direction, Marriage Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Grief Care, Pastoral Restoration, and Pastoral Counseling

Session options

Barry Edgemon

Barry Edgemon has been a consultant to churches and mentors to Pastors and missionaries worldwide. He is most proud that he has broken the cycle of fatherlessness in his own family through his relationship with his sons, Luke, David, and Ben. He serves as the Discipleship and Connections Pastor at Life Church, Green Bay, WI., and a Journey to Wholeness Facilitator and Intensive Coach. 

Session Services options include: Pastoral Counseling, Grief Care, Spiritual Direction, and Conflict Resolution.


Session options