Coaching Session

Becky Flores Alcantar is the author and co-founder of Journey to Wholeness and is passionate about mental, emotional and spiritual wellness in the context of God’s word. She is committed to creating spaces where individuals can gain a deeper understanding of how their histories, narratives, patterns and unresolved traumas are driving their behaviors, decisions and relationships today.

Session Services options include: Brain Coaching, Emotional Release, Trauma Narrative Care, Spiritual Direction, Marriage Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Grief Care, Pastoral Restoration, and Pastoral Counseling

Session Hours Currently Offered: Tuesdays 8-6p, Wed 9-4p, Thurs 9-4p, Fridays 9-2p

Please note:  Currently booked out to late July 2024.

Individual- 1 Session


$150 USD


Individual- 3 Session

Bundle & Save!

$400 USD


Couples- 1 Session


$200 USD


Couples- 3 Session

Bundle & Save!

$540 USD