About Us
Journey to Wholeness was created to equip individuals to face life’s challenges. We believe that if individuals are provided with practical neuroscience tools in conjunction with scriptural truths, we would see marriages restored, families working as a whole and individuals emotionally and mentally heal and grow as Jesus people.



Meet the Founder


Becky Flores Alcantar is the author, director and co-founder of Journey to Wholeness. Becky is a writer and speaker passionate about mental, emotional and spiritual wellness in the context of God’s word. She is committed to creating opportunities where men and women can gain a deeper understanding of how their histories, narratives, patterns and unresolved traumas are driving their behaviors, decisions and relationships today. Becky is intent about living out Isaiah 61:1-3 in her everyday life, to share the good news of Jesus Christ to the poor in spirit, proclaim freedom to the brokenhearted and those bound up in hurt, and to share hope in areas that have been overlooked and underserved.

Becky has been married  to her best friend, Ruben, and has been blessed with three children, Risa, Rachel and David. When not serving together as a family at church and in the community, you’ll find them actively seeking God in the beauty of his creation - on hikes, by the water and chasing sunsets.