Journey On Groups

Journey On courses are 6 week small groups led by a J2W facilitator and/or partner organization specialized on the topic presented.  These focused groups zero in and expand on a particular J2W topic, such as:  Boundaries, Grief, Overcoming Negative Thinking, Forgiveness, Identity and more.  Groups are in the J2W format of video driven content, workbook materials and discussion using practical tools and biblical truths to help you face life’s challenges with confidence in your everyday life.

While we highly recommend completing the 12 week Journey to Wholeness Group to receive the fullest benefit,  Journey On is for anyone seeking to dive deep into a particular topic.


Do you need better boundaries in your life? Do you need help to learn how to set those boundaries?  This six week course goes over topics such as:  How to start setting boundaries, What a good boundary looks like, and what to do when you face resistance to the boundaries you’ve set.

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Starting September 18th

Monday's at 7:00p - 8:30p

Location: Life Church Green Bay

$35 USD 


This is a Women Only Group

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Grief when you’ve lost a loved one can feel disorienting.  It’s something we don’t typically think about, consider or learn about until we are in the midst of sorrow and heartache.  

So how do you know if you’re effectively grieving? This six week course is for the person who is working on processing the death of a loved one

Starting October 17th, 2023

Tuesdays at 6:30p - 8:00p

Location: Life Church Green Bay

$35 USD


This Group is a Co-Ed Group

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