We know it's not always easy to join a group.

That's why we created Journey to Wholeness Intensives.  

Do you find yourself asking- Is this it? Is this where I’m really supposed to be? 

It might look like an identity crisis or a combination of trying to find your purpose and voice, feel noticed and appreciated, and get out of the stuck and lost feeling that just won’t shake off.  If you’re tired of feeling like you have more questions than answers, an intensive could be right for you. 

Intensives are done in a small group setting (up to 5) of your choosing where you will meet with Pastor Becky for several days as you walk through the process of healing and enter into a new place, one that you’ve been trying and trying to get to! There is hope and healing, there is a future and a plan. Step into what God has been getting ready for you all this time. 

Cost Breakdown



(a focused 1-on-1 intensive)

Married Couples


(a $600 savings)

Groups of 4-5


(a savings of up to $400/pp)

Costs listed are for intensives at our Green Bay, Wisconsin location. Intensive costs are determined on a location and case by case basis. Please complete the form for inquiries.

2022 Available Dates

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Costs listed are for intensives at our Green Bay, WI location. Travel and/or lodging for out of state intensives are in addition to the program costs and are determined on a case by case basis.